Press Release

We, as woman cyclists of 81 provinces, were the first to be components of a common social responsibility project. For the first time, we created a huge chain of 81 rings. We have warmly formed bridges that turn into crowded, lovely and embracing families. It is exciting to know the existence of a companion wherever we go across the country.


Our aim is to direct attention to the woman who uses the bicycle and is to promote the use by women as it facilitates urban transportation. We emphasize the necessity of cycling for healthy life and happy people. We say “stop” by cycling for traffic chaos which is one of today’s most troublesome problems. Because we believe that the power and determination of women will be an example for the environment.  We recommend social sensitivity to anyone who rejects condemnation of exhaust gas pollution, We rely on the unifying power of bicycle.

The project which will be started by the Mugla Morpedal Women’s Bicycle Association in the morning of May 19th and ended in the evening of 30th August is in the name of the celebration of these two very special national holidays. Our flag, which is our sacred value, will be honoured by women who are pedaling all over the country and by male cycling friends who will support them. We are ready to take part in joint projects as cyclists passing through the regulation of inter-provincial coordination. We will ensure the continuity of our unity that turns dreams into reality. We are determined to preserve the spirit of solidarity and we gratefully acknowledge the importance of women’s liberation given by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, our source of inspiration