Morpedal Woman Bycle Team

As MORPEDAL KADIN BİSİKLET DERNEĞİ (purplepedal women bycle assosiation),

Since two years we have been conducting women organization  on bycle based . We did a lot of organization in order to bycle awareness raising campanign with 130 participant.


Two years ago there were only few women bicycler at Mugla region but currently we have a lot women participant at the age of range between 18-65 years and cycle together on every wednesday and saturday.

We believe that succeed created awereness since a lot of MORPEDAL branch office started to work with us all over the Turkey and new branchs has been start to working with us while I am writing to you.

Our philosophy is based on ” sisterhood ” as well as ride a bycle also learning how to ride a bycle and more importantly to make sure bycle is much more safer and healtier than other vehicles.

Besides, we strongly belive that ıf women can ride a bycle so her childeren and husband elaborate on her!

Last year, We organized first women bycle festival at Turkey and there were 110 participant comes from 11 different city all over country and we did it by effort of 40 women without any financial support but only amateur spirit. 

We will organize it this year again at Mugla region between 31th august-2th september but this time our city hall helping us with their vehicles so will be a lot of participant. We’ll be pleased to see you among us.

In order to  spreading our strong community and draw attention on women bikers all over country so  in line with this objective We decided to organize a new festival ; first women biker take a national flag from her home city and after riding to border of home city other women biker take the flag and so flag going on over 81 city which mean arronding Turkey and finally  we will take the flag on Mugla at 30th August which is victory day for our nation. So we will draw attention on media.